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Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Division at Its My Life assists individuals with disabilities in accessing and maintaining competitive employment in integrated work environments within their communities. Supported Employment (SE) can be an alternative to conventional day programs for individuals with disabilities who express or have expressed a desire to become competitively employed.  The jobs are in a variety of settings, and the individuals are paid competitive wages and receive any and all available benefits (e.g. sick/vacation/holiday time, health insurance, etc). Placements are made from our Tilghman Street office.

The primary focus of IML will be on individual placements (IP).  Group placement, mobile crew and/or entrepreneurial business models, however, may be used as determined by the needs of the persons supported and by available opportunities.  Transition programs may also be used in lieu of traditional IP if the situation is deemed feasible.  Core services provided to the individuals we support include:

  • Pre-Placement: SE personnel assess an individual’s employment preferences and job- related skills and then develop employment opportunities consistent with those expressed preferences and in accordance with the individual’s vocational goals.  Pre-placement activities may include, but are not limited to, assessment of employment preferences and skills, development of a vocational profile or work history, resume development, completing job applications, interview training and assistance, job shadowing, job sampling, and volunteer experiences and training in job-specific requirements.
  • Intensive Training: After placement, SE personnel will provide Intensive (one-to-one) Training at the work site. This training is designed to assist in the development of physical, emotional and social skills needed to perform the specific job tasks. The Employment Specialist will familiarize the individual with the work routine, work culture and facilitate natural supports, all of which are critical to employment success. Intensive Training continues until the individual, the employer and the Employment Specialist agree that the work assignments will be completed independently and according to the standards established by the employer.
  • Follow-Along: Follow-Along support may include on-going assistance in: job site accommodations, problem solving, technical support, and development of natural supports, referrals to other known services, counseling, advocacy, and career planning. This support is provided face to face at the individual’s job site.
  • Transportation: IML staff will transport individuals to potential job sites for pre-placement activities. IML staff will provide its support recipients with travel training whenever necessary.  Staff will familiarize appropriate individuals with the cost, schedules, and the locations of stops for buses and taxis.  Staff will assist individuals in arranging transportation to/from work via county transportation systems, employer car pool programs, and individual co-workers.  IML will transport individuals to and from work when necessary and feasible.