Core Values

We are guided by the people we support

  • We listen to what people are saying through their words and actions in order to understand what is important to and for them.
  • We build on the strengths, gifts, talents, skills, and contributions of each person and those who know and care about them.
  • We support people to assume positive control over their everyday lives, to make informed choices, including but not limited to decisions about where and with whom to live; involvement in choosing their own supporters; who their friends are, and pursuit of their own dreams and goals.

Every person will choose a group of people, a Circle of Support, that may include family members, friends, and support staff who will assist them to express their dreams and aspirations, to set and accomplish goals, and build lasting relationships in community.

We strive to be Person Centered in all we do

  • Person Centered Thinking guides not only how we support people but also how we treat our co-workers, nurturing a positive work environment in which issues are discussed openly, differing views are respected, and collaboration is common practice.
  • We use People First Language to nurture a more respectful environment that helps us focus on individuals, rather than their disabilities. We no longer refer to people as ‘clients’ or ‘consumers.’  People are people.
  • Beyond consistently and successfully meeting the basic requirements that keep people safe, healthy, and protect their basic rights, we nurture organizational skills, attitudes, and practices that support the person’s own vision of the future.
  • We treat everyone in our organization with dignity and respect and empower them to set and reach their own personal goals.

We Provide Quality Supported Employment Services to help each Individual Achieve their Employment Goals

  • Through our Supported Employment Program, our trained staff assist each individual with locating and obtaining a job in their community.
  • We provide guidance and support including but not limited to; Career Planning, Job Development, Resume’ Writing, Mock Interviewing, Assistance with Applications, Soft Skills Training, On Site Coaching, Advocacy on and off site, Coordinating Meetings with Staff and Families, Limited Transportation.

We enhance the quality of Supported Employment supports by providing exemplary services tailored to each individual and their personal goals.  Our staff is fully trained and continues to expand their vocational and employment knowledge through on going trainings and seminars.  We have a combined total of 20 years in Supported Employment and strive to ensure that every individual is fully satisfied with our supports.

We are responsible stewards of financial resources

  • We make prudent choices that enable us to wisely use public dollars “consistent with efficiency, economy, and quality of care.”
  • By including people in community, we believe natural supports will expand opportunities for people.
  • We support people to find meaningful employment.
  • Each person we support will have an Individualized budget that includes public and private resources.

We meet and exceed federal and state guidelines to ensure quality of life for the people we support.